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The Rakestraw Spinner

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The Rakestraw Spinner movieThe Rakestraw Spinner is different! Unlike standard drop spindles, the Rakestraw Spinner never drops; it just spins and spins. You whirl it like a party noisemaker or football rattle and it's even more fun to use than they are! Originals & made in the USA.

The Rakestraw Spinner blade1 comes in a range of beautiful and exotic woods. You can spin all kinds of fibres such as alpaca, angora, bamboo, mohair, silk, etc, and all of the wools.

The Rakestraw Spinners are currently out of stock.

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More about the Rakestraw Spinner

The Rakestraw Spinner is your spinning companion no matter where you are. The Spinner is extremely portable and perfect to take on holiday. It is only 7 inches long and one 1 inch wide but less fragile to carry than a drop spindle. You can use it on the train, bus or car, or even when walking, either close to home or far away.

Buy the Rakestraw SpinnerThese Mayan Spinner-style spinners are great for anyone who struggles to use a drop spindle or who is learning to spin. If you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or tendonitis, you can carry on spinning with the Rakestraw Spinner. Wonderful for children, who pick it up straight away, for the elderly, and for everyone and anyone! It almost spins itself and can be more productive than a drop spindle.

Price includes one Rakestraw Spinner with blade and handle, and instruction booklet.

Customer Comments

“As a lifelong user of spinning wheels, I found that the Rakestraw Spinner is a good way of taking spinning on holidays without interfering with my fellow companions. It is also for me a great way of creating new thread.” Mary, 90 years old, from Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.

“even with a broken collar bone I've managed to use it. No way could I use a drop spindle. I can't thank you enough for introducing me to this wonderful piece of equipment. Will continue to sing it's praises (and yours).” Maureen from Cheshire.

“Just wanted to thank you for sending my Rakestraw spinner so promptly. I managed to produce some quite reasonable plied yarn at my first attempt and will be taking it to show my friends at the guild next Tuesday, so they can have a play on it as well. The little storage bag is a bonus and surprisingly useful!” Sue Webster from Cardigan, West Wales.

“I have an ebony Rakestraw Spinner and I am smitten!” Anni Fairburn from Surrey.

“The Rakestraw Spinner arrived two days ago. Thanks very much! It's working beautifully! I got interested after having read the article in Yarnmaker.” Beate Siefer, Germany.

“The spinner just arrived safe and sound; thanks ever so much for being so prompt! It's a present for my mum's birthday at the weekend; she loves your site and will be thrilled with this!” N. H., Hampshire.

“Received thanks! And within 24 hours of ordering I’ve received and spun my first bit of thread on the rakestraw. I am a spinner though, but I feel it is an excellent piece of equipment to teach the drafting process.” Chris Steele, Powys.

Note (1) - Rakestraw spinner woods
Only the blade of the spinner comes in the range of exotic woods, the shaft is in poplar (see photos) for balance and effectiveness.

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