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How to use the Rakestraw Spinner

The Rakestraw Spinner uses the 3-step park and draft method – first you build up twist, then you park the spinner, and finally you draft. The full instructions are available in the booklet enclosed with the spinner.

Rakestraw spinner movie

play the Rakestraw video on YouTube

The Spinner has two parts;
a cylindrical handle with a spherical knob, and a flat blade with a round hole and grooved anchor point

You will also need a 15 cm length of wool yarn for the “leader” and some wool split into pencil thin rovings.

Buy a Rakestraw spinner here

Take it for a test spin
Slip the blade onto the handle so it rests gently on the knob.
Grasp the handle close to, but not touching the blade.
The handle is horizontal and in line with your forearm, i.e. NOT vertical like a helicopter!
Spin the blade around the handle with a gentle arm action
Keep your wrist as still as possible and relax your arm
Practice this for a few minutes until you are comfortable with it.

Building up the twist
Attach the “leader” to the groove with a knot.
Hold your roving over the end of the leader.
Pinch the area before the drafting zone with your fingers
Start spinning the blade counter-clockwise to build up twist.

Park the blade between your knees

Use both hands to draft (see the video for details)

And do it again
Wind the spun singles around the widest part of the blade.
Anchor spun singles round the groove (VERY IMPORTANT) and start again.
(Remember to unwind the bit of yarn round the groove before you wind the singles on the blade again).

When the spinner is full, you can ply the singles using Andean plying and rotating the blade clockwise.
When you have plenty of practice, you will be able to rotate and spin long-draw at the same time, without having to park the spinner.

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