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Educational fibre packs

Fibre discovery packs for schools, colleges & fibre enthusiasts

We also sell natural dyes, extracts & mordants

Wild Colours natural dyes, extracts & mordants

& handmade paper for printing, artists & gift wrap

Wild Paper handmade paper for printing, artists & gift wrap



SpinOlution Spinning Wheels

Buy your SpinOlution spinning wheel accessories here!
We are stockists for SpinOlution spinning wheel accessories only in the UK & European Union (i.e. not wheels or Lazy Kates).






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Note: We regret that SpinOlution will no longer ship the Mach wheels outside the USA and we are therefore unable to supply Mach wheels. This does not affect bobbins and accessories for current owners of Mach 2 and 3 wheels.

You need more bobbins! Click to go to the SpinOlution Bobbins and Accessories page and buy SpinOlution spinning wheel bobbins, flyers and other essential SpinOlution accessories now. If you don’t see what you want, contact us via the contact form or by email.

Learn more about SpinOlution spinning wheels!

SpinOlution Bee travel spinning wheel

SpinOlution Hopper travel wheel

Spinolution Echo spinning wheel

See the SpinOlution Lazy Kate

SpinOlution Mach 2 spinning wheel

SpinOlution Mach 3 spinning wheel


Over-sized Art Yarn Flyer & bobbins

Enquire about SpinOlution accessories including the SpinOlution 3 Drop Spindle set with weights, Mach/Echo/Bee bobbins, orifice bars, flyers & drive bands, etc.

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Guarantee on SpinOlution wheels and Sales Terms

* Customers in non-European Union countries, including Norway and Switzerland and rest of the world, please contact us via the Wild Fibres contact form to confirm the cost of delivery before placing your order.

Check here to see which countries are in the European Union.

Customer Comments:

SpinOlution Bee travel wheel customers - click here

SpinOlution Mach II wheel customers - click here

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