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SpinOlution Hopper travel spinning wheel

  1. Spinolution Hopper travel spinning wheelHopper Travel wheel specification
  2. Download the Hopper User Guide!
  3. YouTube movies - how it works
  4. Gallery of Hopper Travel wheel photos

The SpinOlution Hopper travel wheel is SpinOlution’s latest and most unusual spinning wheel. It has been designed by SpinOlution as a very small, light travel spinning wheel but one that, at the same time, will take the large Mach bobbins.

The SpinOlution Hopper is a completely portable spinning wheel that is lightweight, very smooth in operation, thanks to its multiple bearings, and simplicity itself to setup and take down.

The SpinOlution Hopper travel spinning wheel comes assembled, complete with three bobbins, and is made from furniture grade Birch Plywood, for years of dependable use.

The Hopper has a unique treadle that has the spinner place the entire weight of their foot on it. The motion uses the legs, and not just the feet or calf muscles to drive the wheel.

This wheel is set up for novelty yarn as its standard setup.

More photos of the SpinOlution Hopper here

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Specification of the Hopper Travel wheel
Size – open (HxWxD): 20.5 in X 18.5 in X 16 in (from front to back at the flyer in the open position)
Size – closed (HxWxD): 20.5 in X 19 in X 7.5 in (from front to back in the closed / storage position
Orifice Height:   21 in
Weight: about 12.5 lbs (5.7 kg)
Open Orifice allowing any size of thread to be spun, with novelty yarn orifice as its standard setup
Quick Bobbin Release - so that you don’t struggle to change the bobbins
Interchangeable Bobbin with Mach
Easy to use tension
Stable base with rubber feet
Includes 3 Mach II bobbins!

SpinOlution Hopper Travel Wheel User Guide
Download a copy of Amelia Garripoli’s comprehensive 18-page SpinOlution Hopper User guide from this link;

Download the SpinOlution Hopper Travel wheel user guide here!

YouTube movie of the SpinOlution Hopper Travel Wheel
1. Setting up the SpinOlution Hopper Travel Wheel (4 min 02 secs)

2. Spinning on the SpinOlution Hopper spinning wheel (2 min 41 secs)

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Click on any of the film strip photos below to see more of the SpinOlution Hopper!

Spinolution hopper front

Spinolution hopper front

Spinolution hopper folded front




Spinolution hopper folded side

Spinolution hopper folded front

Spinolution hopper folded back




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