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Educational fibre packs

Fibre discovery packs for schools, colleges & fibre enthusiasts

We also sell natural dyes, extracts & mordants

Wild Colours natural dyes, extracts & mordants

& handmade paper for printing, artists & gift wrap

Wild Paper handmade paper for printing, artists & gift wrap



Natural Fibres for Spinning & Felting

Buy from the Wild Fibres store:

Buy fibre for spinning

Buy Rakestraw spinners

Buy natural dyed carded batts for spinning

Visit the Wild Fibres Store

Buy wool, cotton & other fibres for felting & spinning

2. Try a Rakestraw spinner, easier than a drop spindle

3. Buy flax seeds and grow your own flax for spinning

4. Spinolution drive bands, bobbins & accessories

New Coronavirus alert: We will be re-opening the Natural Fibres catalogs over the next couple of weeks. Check for updates.

Learn about natural fibres from plants & animals:

Wensleydale fleece wool fibre

Mulberry Silk fibre

Fine Loose Cotton fibre

Animal fibres

Silk fibre

Plant fibres

What are Natural Fibres & why use them? - read more

Natural Fibres include wool from sheep and fibre from alpaca, angora rabbits, cashmere and angora (mohair) goats, silk from insects (silkworms), and plant fibres such as cotton, flax and linen, nettle and hemp.

1. Animal fibres

2. Silk & silkworms

3. Plant fibres

Advantages of Handspun Yarn
Handspun yarn introduces an attractive unevenness to knitting in contrast to the mechanical regularity of most commercial yarns, softening lines and adding a natural look to your work. Using natural dyes on your handspun wool adds a vibrancy that comes only from hand-crafted work. Learn more about hand-spinning and the history of spinning wheels here.





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11 Jun

Fibre educational packs available

11 Jun

Rakestraw spinners available

11 Jun

Wool & Luxury fibre catalogs now available

04 Jun

Silk fibre catalog now available

03 Jun

Plant fibres and Flax seeds are now available

03 Jun

We are re-opening the fibres catalogs (but part-time)

23 Mar

Coronavirus alert!



25 Mar

Angora tops & Silk caps each reduced by 2

01 Mar

200 gm packs of flax seed back in stock

11 Jan

Grey Jacobs tops back in stock



20 Nov

Carded Cocoon Strippings back in stock

25 Jun

Eri silk tops in golden red - NEW!

13 Feb

Gallery of silkworm & silk moth photos re-published

07 Jan

St Distaff’s Day!

05 Jan

Make your own Cone Distaff for spinning flax!



30 Dec

New page on Types of Flax Distaffs

20 Sep

NEW - buy black, grey & white jacobs tops

31 Jan

From 01 Feb, we have changed address, see page footer

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Wild Fibres visitors include weavers, spinners & dyers, re-enactors and anyone who wants to learn more about natural fibres. If you are spinning or dyeing with natural dyes, you will want to use your dyes on natural fibers and textiles. For re-enactors looking to re-create authentic period costume for Anglo-Saxon, Viking, medieval or Elizabethan re-enactment, you will need to use natural fibres that are authentic to the period and to dye them with the period natural dyes. Learn about historical use of natural fibres and textiles here.

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